Self-publishing a book of fine art photography


If you are an artist, it can be hard to make a living selling fine art photography particularly if you have an edgy or unusual portfolio. An art book can be a great way to attract some interest from buyers at a lower price point and introduce people to the full width of your work.

Here is a guide to self-publishing a book of fine art photography.

Choose a theme

It can be good to keep the theme relatively tight to draw the book together as a story. While a broad theme may have a wider audience, it may not stick out as much from the other books on sale.  The theme can either be a social theme (children at play or street cleaners for example), or reflect the nature of your work (light and dark, macro nature shots or geometric lines for example).

Choose the words

While a picture may speak a thousand words, people also like to know the story behind the shots you have taken and the people in them. If you are not a confident writer, consider trading your photography skills for some writing help from a more skilled wordsmith in your art circle.

Choose your distribution

As a self publisher you'll probably want to sell books through your websites. Also speak to any art galleries or dealers who have carried your work to see if they will be happy to sell your book. Having a lower cost item such as a book can be a useful way to get people into the gallery looking at larger pieces and is a good introduction for people who are newly interested in building a collection. You might like to comp some copies to popular bloggers or reviewers to get your name and book title out there.

Choose a budget

Work out a reasonable printing budget for your book, that will leave you with a small profit from each sale. The price you can sell your book for will depend on your market, the book style (hardcover or softcover and print quality) and the strength of your name. Ask local art galleries like Christensen Fine Art for some advice on this matter as they can give you an honest opinion on what will sell in their space.

Good luck with publishing your book of fine art photography. With some careful planning and research, it's sure to be a hit in your local art galleries and bookstore.


10 September 2015

Colour Your Day: Musings About Art Galleries And Dealers

Welcome everyone. My name is Yvonne. Allow me to introduce myself. I work for an interior design company that specialises in decorating upscale hotels and eateries. My particular role is to source artworks for these establishments. It really is a dream job! Imagine spending your days browsing through galleries and meeting with art dealers. I started out as a struggling artist but quickly realised that I am better at identifying masterpieces than creating them! My specialty is finding an eclectic range of pieces that work in one space. I therefore purchase large and small artworks from famous and unknown artists. This blog discusses the galleries, art dealers and interesting situations I encounter in the course of my work. Whether you are a collector or wish to sell pieces, I hope you find something to colour your day.